On Long Distance and The Ties That Held Us Together

by Brave Season

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"On Long Distance and The Ties That Held Us Together" was written between January and December of 2014.


released June 9, 2015

Recorded and engineered by Elmer Martinez
Additional Recording and Mastering by Joshua Cosico (cosico.joshua@gmail.com)

Album Art by Elmer Martinez



all rights reserved


Brave Season Chicago, Illinois

Forlorn and over dramatic songs about people who don't deserve them.

FFO: The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, Now Now

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Track Name: AC Running
10:00pm and it's still 97 degrees
In this small town where I am living the dream
Sleep away the summer 'till 2:00pm at least
Or find something better in the hours in between

Country roads fill the absence of friends
Tiny screens will do the rest
I'll keep driving 'till the exits are no longer familiar

Sometimes I just sit in my car
With the AC Running and nothing on my mind
Track Name: Hang Up
I could stay here for hours
Thinking of revenge plots
And all the ways I could get away with them

Isn't that what you wanted
My full attention my undistracted thoughts
Well I'm completely hung up

You had me tied to your tether
I didn't know any better
Tie this noose or cut me loose
I'm getting impatient

I want to stay you wanted change
I can't blame you for these bruises
Track Name: Are You Doing Well?
I am nervous hands are shaking
I am begging you to stay
And if you give me just one minute I will have the words to say
I shouldn't have to work this hard
I shouldn't have to tear myself apart
Trying to get your attention

Maybe this time, maybe this time
We'll cut the ties that held us together
Maybe this time

Hi. Hello. I'm fine. Are you doing well?
I lost my mind trying to find a way to tell
You how I feel about the messages you left on my phone
Is it wrong that I don't know how to talk to a stranger in a quiet room
What would you do? What would you have me do?
Is it even worth listening to?

10:00pm I'm laying in bed I'm going over every word I sent
In the time it takes for you to read them
Track Name: Never Enough
You wanted more than this town could ever offer
Never settled down for fear that you would never get out
What were you afraid of?
Never living up to expectations that no one had set?
Were you running out of space was this place to barren?

I always knew I was never enough to keep you here
Keep you tethered to me
I always hoped you would come back someday to pick things up
Where we left them

Oh the sun on your skin as you sank deeper into the swimming pool
How utterly distracted I always was
Never worried that you might never come up for air
Track Name: Waking
I could stay here
Staring out the window for hours
The pictures on the wall
100 days of summer turned to fall

I woke up the lighting was off
Five in the afternoon and already dark
I wanted to go outside but
The light of the afternoon had already died out

I'm waking up in a different day of the year
Than when I first closed my eyes
Track Name: Junior Varsity
I can feel you
Crawling underneath my skin
And all I wanna know is who let you in?
Who let you in?
Track Name: Call You Up
You’re looking at me like a brother you’re not very close to
And i’ve seen the same expression on a mother disappointed in her son
I would call you up sometimes just to feel the vibrations on the phone
Pick up the receiver I want to believe you were on the other line

I would call you up sometimes after school
Just to feel myself a little closer to you
And I’m still holding on to that summer when you’ve already moved on to the fall
Were you even there? Were you even trying?

I would do anything to take back the summers that I’ve spent with you.
Track Name: Long Distance
If those are your arms
Well they didn't reach far enough
To cover my shivering body
If I would have known
What was waiting for you at home
I would have carried you longer
Track Name: Jake (There's Still Time)
I know we've been in thousands of places
But none are more dangerous
Than alone in this room
Filled with pictures and letters
And fears that I had held on to
But gone is the the sentiment attached
Yeah we're using them for kindling
I can't see past the smoke that's in my eyes
To see the person standing next to me

Everything that we built in our heads just ends up falling apart